One Year Ago

One year ago, I stopped the daily writing I had committed to as an act of intention, an act of discipline.

If lifetimes could be explained in the course of 365 days, surely there would be no words needed to say and to share and to show.

But, that’s not how it works, this way of living in this place and time we inhabit so I will set up another new schedule, a daily discipline taking place each night, of sharing the Word in the way it is shown to me.

Ten, less Two

“Ten days” was the phrase/number I had in my head as I made the decision to sit down to write today’s post, only, looking at the date displayed on the upper right corner of my laptop, I realized I was off by two.

In ten days, less two, I’ll fly back to a place I used to call “home”.

In ten days, less than two, I’ll set foot on land I haven’t seen in three and a half years.

In ten days, less than two, I’ll smell my son’s head and crush him in hugs and sit next to him and lean my head against his shoulder.

In ten days, less than two.

The Things That Must Be Said

Where do you land on this; the idea that there are some things you simply cannot leave unvoiced. That there are words and phrases and paragraphs of thoughts and feelings that need to be said?

Be it to another, to your God, or to yourself, how do you approach giving voice to what might remain silent?

I Think I Forgot

This morning, scrolling through my emails, I saw that someone had “liked” one of my posts here. That’s when I thought about yesterday and realized I think I forgot to post.

Like, plumb clean forgot.

Like, never once entered my mind.

But, I did remember something else yesterday, or should I say, someone else, and maybe that’s better than posting on a blog every day.


Inte Idag

Inte idag is Swedish for , “not today”, which is “Leanne” for, I have no desire to say or share anything here.

Not little, not big.

Nothing to place in this daily posting space.

*but I smell apples and a baguette is baking in the oven, soon to be topped with Cambezola. i can share that.